We have significant experience and expertise in assessing risk and capacity for change (including capacity to take full responsibility for past abusive behaviour) with those who use violence and abuse in the context of family and intimate relationships. 

Where a couple wish to separate as a consequence of violence we have significant experience assessing push and pull factors that may mediate reunification, and identifying care and safety planning strategies which may change the likelihood of reunification where the risk of future violence or abuse remains unacceptably high.

We recognise that there are many reasons why a couple may not want to, or feel able to, separate in the aftermath of domestic abuse, for example, a wish for their children to have both parents raise them together, or religious and cultural beliefs about marriage and family life, and so on.

Where a couple wish to stay together and to work together on changing their behaviour towards each other, we have experience and expertise assessing risk and undertaking both trial-for-change assessment and longer term couple therapy.

If you are a solicitor or barrister, Children’s Guardian, or Social Worker interested in talking to us further about commissioning an expert assessment, then please contact us.